If you'd like portraits of your new family in the recovery room, detail shots of the baby, or shots when siblings (or other family members) meet the baby for the first time, shoot me an email! I've done hospital sessions in recovery rooms and the NICU (you can see my gallery here: http://cindykanephotography.com/hospital) and it’s something I really love to do. With the nature of these photos being so intimate and often incredibly private, I only post images online to my galleries with the permission of families, so I don’t have as much on my site as I’d like. What I’m looking for with these sessions is to post the images to my website and also social media, and in exchange I will do the sessions for free and offer the edited final images for free also.

There are no strings or surprises - we'll discuss upfront what kinds of images you're comfortable with (for example you wouldn't have to worry about me posting nursing shots if you didn't want me to), and I’ll send you a contract to look over before the session, and answer any questions you have.



This session includes 1-2 hours of your immediate family at an outdoor location. Often families have parks they like to visit together, locations that have sentimental value, or just spots they find pretty. I'm also happy to recommend spots if you don't have one in mind. Some of our photos will be posed (family members together and separate), but most will be candid, capturing you and your family in the moment. 

Also included is an online gallery of 40+ high-resolution digital image files delivered online within three-weeks' time for you to download, print, or share. (A 50% deposit is required to book the session.)



This session includes 2-3 hours of your immediate family at your home. Sometimes it takes less time, but I like to make sure we can take breaks whenever the baby needs it, and that you don't feel rushed. During this time I'll photograph your family in the rooms of your home with the most natural light, or outside if weather permits. I'll also include nursing/bottle-feeding shots (if you'd like them) detailed shots of the baby, and the kinds of solo shots you see in my gallery. I don't bring props, backdrops, or lights, and we won't spend a lot of time posing, rather I capture your baby in your arms, on blankets you'd like to use, or other natural moments that happen while we're together.

Also included is an online gallery of 40+ high-resolution digital image files delivered online within three-weeks' time for you to download, print, or share. (A 50% deposit is required to book the session.)



This session includes 1 hour of your immediate family at the hospital. I'll photograph you and your new family in your hospital room and also include detail shots of the baby, the room (items in the room), the hospital, and anything else important to you. 

Also included is an online gallery of 20+ high-resolution digital image files delivered online within three-weeks' time for you to download, print, or share. (A 50% deposit is required to book the session.) I offer a discounted rate for the hospital session if you also book a baby session. 



NICU photography is something incredibly close to my heart. One of my best friends asked me to photograph her son while he was in the NICU and later told me that the photos helped her process the experience because when she looked back, she could see how much love and hope was actually present, not just the guilt and anxiety she'd felt at the time. That was it--I was hooked. You won't see many NICU photos on my site, because families often prefer to keep the images private. Please contact me directly for details.



Great! I love photographing animals, and there is no extra charge to include them. Families often bring dogs to our outdoor shoots, and I always try to get a few shots of the dogs or cats at home during newborn shoots. Just give me a heads up so I can either make sure we're meeting at a dog-friendly location, or will know to keep an eye out for cats when I come to your home. 



Most parks in Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church don't require permits, so there won't be any extra fees for our sessions at one of those locations. Fairfax County parks require a permit, which I have, so those won't cost extra, either.

Parks, landmarks, and monuments in D.C. are a different story.  If you were to  photograph your family at any of those spots yourself, there wouldn't be a fee. Unfortunately that's not the case if you hire a photographer. All of those locations require permits that range in price from $50-$250, and most also require a $90 application fee. If this is something you'd like to do, let me know and I'll get you all of the necessary information so that we can start the process. I won't charge extra to handle it, but it does take at least two weeks, and the costs will be in addition to our session fee. 



I'm located in Arlington and am happy to travel 30 minutes each way (60 minutes, round-trip) at no extra charge. This doesn't include traffic (this is D.C., after all!). I map out the distance when we agree on a location and we can discuss any additional charge from there.


Shoot me a note with any questions you have, or just to say hi! I hope we'll work together soon!